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Discount for the following special categories!


Discounts for Young Minds

Young minds need to relax and have fun sometimes! To all the kids out there, visit us in a group of 25 or more with an application from the principal of your school, on a formal letter head and avail a cool 40% discount on entry!


Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen offer. Simply carry your Identity Card!


Physically Challenged

Differently abled friends are especially welcome with a 50% discount on the entry ticket



We want to spread happiness to those who help others. We offer 50% discount on Entry Ticket to group visits by NGOs .

Annual Tickets


Annual Fun Ticket Rs. 2500/-

Spread the happiness yearlong! Annual Ticket holders are eligible for Free Entry, Main Park’s rides & water park facilities throughout the year, once in a day. That’s not just all, you can also bring along 4 visitors on each visit. Accompanying visitors get 50% discount on entry, rides & water park facilities.