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Thrill Rides

From Adrenaline-Pumping Rides To Soothing
Sojourns – The Perfect Destination For Family And Friends!


Bull Ride

There comes a time in the affairs of a man when he must take the bull by his horns and face the situation.


The Roller Coaster: The Cyclone is India’s biggest wooden roller coaster with a 750m-long track. This exciting ride has two trains, each consisting of three cars. The loops, turns and drops are enough to make even the bravest of us scream. Hold on for a hair-raising experience!


Flying Saucer

Do you have fear of flying? This is the real test. The Flying Saucer gives you the feeling of flying. An exciting family ride with complete hydraulic operation for smooth control. Let us take you for a circular ride and on occasions it will take you up and down. The chairs have rotary motion in variable plane, providing ultimate fun.


Moon Racker

Like to be over the moon? Here is your chance to go through it! You never know what thrills and chills you might encounter while experiencing this rollicking roller coaster ride.


Pirate Ship

Perched on a pivot, the Pirate Ship is like a pendulum. Beware! This might leave you with a churning stomach! You experience a new high with each swing on the ship. Experience a moment in the life of a pirate! Bring along your eye patch for the total experience!


Sky Diver Ride

Sky Diver – the Thrill Ride of 80 feet high, colorful and brightly illuminated, the tower looks tall, slim and exciting. It is a 16 seater ride.

Twist & Turn

Are you forever lectured by your parents to stand on your own feet? Here’s your chance to dare them to do the same after experiencing this ride. 75 seconds of mind-blowing fun will leave you rolling all over the place!


Water Chute

One of the most popular rides in the Park. This ride is for the daredevils who enjoy thrills and chills. An experience to cherish!


Water Coaster

The first water slide in Eastern India. There are two straight slides as well as a curved one. Bring along a friend on this double tube ride as you hear your screams echo around you in this speed slide that sends you hurling through tight curves and steep drops. Feel the thrill as you zip down 75 metres in just 7 seconds!

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A Joint Sector Company with GoWB (WBIDC & WBTDC)

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