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A Joint Sector Company with GoWB (WBIDC & WBTDC)

Making World Class Rides

At Nicco Park, we manufacture rides that have been acclaimed worldwide. We take pride in highlighting two of our most sought after rides, which we have designed, manufactured and implemented in-house. Two of our prime rides are “River Cave” – The Dark Ride and “Cyclone” – The Wooden Roller Coaster. We conceived the Wooden Roller Coaster in 2003 with technical assistance from Blackpool. The ‘Cyclone’ offers a 1 km long exciting ride with 7 dips. M/s Babtie, UK carried out the inspection of the ride and certified that our Wooden Roller Coaster made indigenously, is comparable to any new Wooden Roller Coaster manufactured in UK/Europe currently.

Of late, we have also specialised in designing and implementing few horror house projects at the Kolkata park and other parks. We implemented a Dark Ride Project in Dubai, where we created different themes for each scene along with its design, concept, model work, animation and light & sound effects. The Dark Ride “River Cave” made in-house by us in 1996 is still the most popular ride of our park experienced by several millions of visitors, which is about one third of our total visitors.

This ride was also manufactured and installed in technical assistance from Blackpool, UK. Based on its success, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK awarded us with upgradation jobs for two of their Dark Ride projects, where we supplied many static and animated fiber glass models. Our engineers and artisans had worked at their UK park for two years in 2004 & 2006 for a total period of five months to upgrade the scenes as well as install the models & animations. The entire ride, its scenes were conceived and designed by us including its light, sound and animation effects. Our other overseas clients include Adrian Fisher Mazes Limited, UK; Jacob Babtie, UK; Euro Bungy in Germany and Al-Nasr Leisureland, Dubai.