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  • Visitors are advised to bring their own swimwear (Lycra / Nylon material).
  • Visitors are advised not to carry their valuables during park’s visit. They are solely responsible for their belongings / valuables kept in the locker / locker bag or in any place within the park.
  • Visitors can rent their swimwear / lockers from our Rentals or even purchase swimwear from our Retail Shop.
  • Rent paid is for the same day only.
  • Please look after your locker key.
  • Keep your rental receipt carefully for refund of your deposit.
  • For rentals, the security deposit will be forfeited in case of damaged or lost rented items.
  • **Security Deposit initiated through online will be refunded on return of the rented items in proper condition within 12-15 working days into your bank account.

Product TitleCategoryPriceAction
Rental - Rs.50.00 + Deposit- Rs.30.00
80.00 Add to cart
Life Jacket (Kids)
Rental - Rs.00.00 + Deposit- Rs.200.00
200.00 Add to cart
Locker / Locker Bag
Rental - Rs.100.00 + Deposit- Rs.400.00
500.00 Add to cart
Lycra Tights
Rental - Rs.50.00 + Deposit- Rs.60.00
110.00 Add to cart
Swim Suit (Kids)
Rental - Rs.60.00 + Deposit- Rs.90.00
150.00 Add to cart
Rental - Rs.70.00 + Deposit- Rs.70.00
140.00 Add to cart
Rental - Rs.80.00 + Deposit- Rs.130.00
210.00 Add to cart
Trunks (Adults)
Rental - Rs.60.00 + Deposit- Rs.100.00
160.00 Add to cart
Trunks (Kids)
Rental - Rs.50.00 + Deposit- Rs.30.00
80.00 Add to cart